Saturday, May 24, 2008

21.Jan.2006: All is wellll...

Welll... what more can I say about this pic?? This is the
well in our home in our native place, Tirupattur, Vellore District. When we went to native after a loong time, thought of capturing
it to remember the days it helped us well(!) to fetch water
even during summer.

13.Nov.2004: Catching up with the sun in Dubai Desert

One more pic in the Dubai desert. This snap was taken on
13th Nov 2004 early morning around 5 after a good night
(should i say night? since we slept around 2 midnight :) sleep in the desert. We had coffee/tea after catching this sunrise (not Nestle's hihihihiiiii).

12.Nov.2004: In a desert in Dubai

This is the scene we saw on getting down from the vehicle
which carried us from the city to the desert. Somehow, the
arrangement looked like a valley surrounded by sand was
nice and clicked it. This is the place where we stayed one
night in a desert in Dubai before the bashing in the dunes the next

Friday, May 23, 2008

13.Nov.2004: Sand dune bashing in Dubai desert.

When I was in Dubai, during diwali of 2004, 4-5 of my friends went for a trip to desert and for the bashing in the sand dunes there. We came to know that it will be very interesting and really enSoyed it. This pic was taken inside Land Cruiser (its a 4X4 vehicle and I think you can do bashing only in a 4X4) at the moment when the vehicle started the downward trip. Wowww...we loved it then and now this pic rekindles that feeling :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

26.Dec.2007: Aditi Sleeping with her legs out of the cradle.

This is the snap of our daughter, Aditi, sleeping with her legs out of the cradle. Don't know how she managed to remove the socks, that too in only one leg. My wife, Anu clicked this one since she could not resist after seeing such a cute moment.

12.Apr.2008: My shadow clicking me!!!

Took this one recently when we went to Talakad in Karnataka, a picnic spot around 100km from Bangalore. This is on the shore of the lake there. When I saw this snap, it looked as though my shadow is taking a snap of me :)