Tuesday, August 4, 2009

23.May.2009: Shadow Dog :)

Went with my friends to Besant Nagar beach, Chennai. Snapped the dog against the sun and it looked like as though juz the shadow of the dog is walking :)

07.Feb.2009: Doggy Love

Juz outside our home in Chennai, heard the puppies. Went near the gate to see what it is. Then I ran to get my cam and clicked this. You can see how the mother dog is lying down in somewhat uncomfortable manner to feed the puppies. This shows the motherly love or should I call it Doggy love :)

14.Dec.2008: Dog resting in shadow

One fine weekend day, after lunch, I saw the dog resting in the irrigation land behind our apartment. The shadow is of our aparment. I loved the symmetry of shadow and light. More than that, the dog enSoying its sleep in the shadow. Could not wait anymore and clicked this :)